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Services and benefits at a glance

The Police Association’s key objectives, as prescribed in its Constitution, revolve around serving the best interests of our members’ working lives.

The Police Association Protects, Represents and Supports its members by providing numerous services and benefits, including the following:


  • Negotiation of improved pay and working conditions and promotion of the general welfare of members
  • Legal advice, advocacy and representation for members (including immediate assistance to members who are involved in critical incidents)
  • Providing the official channel of communication between Association members, and Victoria Police Force Command / the Police Minister
  • Supporting members and their dependents in times of genuine hardship and need through benevolent benefits and grants
  • Keeping members informed of issues affecting them through our various publications, including this website and The Police Association Journal
  • Political lobbying and submissions on legislation and policy affecting the interests of members
  • Advice to members on occupational health and safety and workers compensation matters, employment rights and obligations and support for members who have been disadvantaged or unfairly treated
  • High-quality holiday accommodation for members across Victoria
  • Confidential 24-hour counselling service for members and their families
  • Provision of scholarships for eligible members and school-age children of members
  • Access to discounts on a wide range of common items and services


Click to download a full version of the Association's Member Benefits and Services Brochure


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