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Scholarships and Awards

The Police Association offers several scholarships and development opportunities each year to eligible members and to school-age children of members.

Scholarships & projects for members

Francis Heaney, Phil Edge and Paul Carr (University of Melbourne) Scholarships

These scholarships provide members with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of workplace relations and industrial relations via the Employment Relations Professional Development Program. The program has been developed specifically for members of the Association by research experts at the University of Melbourne's Faculty of Business and Economics.  

Pat Hunter Memorial Program

The Pat Hunter Memorial Program is a Police Association initiative aimed at encouraging female members to further their involvement in the Association.

The ten day program, run and funded by The Police Association, gives female members the opportunity to increase their knowledge of workplace relations and to see how the Association operates on a day-to-day basis.


Scholarships for children of a school age

Angela Taylor Scholarship ($700)

There are two scholarships, each valued at $350, awarded to current year 8 students. The scholarships are awarded for one year.

EC James Scholarship ($900)

This scholarship, valued at $900, is awarded to a child completing year 9. The scholarship is for a period of three years at an allowance of $300 per year.

Graham Davidson Scholarship ($800)

This scholarship, valued at $800, is awarded to a student completing year 6. The scholarship is for a period of two years at an allowance of $400 for each year.

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